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By plane: Toulouse airport then TGV to Narbonne.

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Kite school "SUDKITE" peyriac de mer

terms and conditions


Effective March 01, 2023


These general conditions of sale apply exclusively between

the Cercle Nautique des Corbières association and anyone making a purchase

with the club.

The Services sold by CNCorbières are provided and supervised by

instructors holding a diploma in accordance with the regulations of the code of the


The purchase of a Service from the CNCorbières implies full acceptance

of the buyer to these general conditions of sale.

They come into force from 01/01/2023. They cancel and replace

all previous versions.

Consequently, any order from the user implies its acceptance without

exception or reservation and its full and complete acceptance of these Conditions

Terms of Sale and use of the site which prevail over any other document,

except for special conditions expressly agreed to in writing by the producer.

By accessing this site and/or placing orders, the user declares and

acknowledges having read, understood and accepted the conditions of sale and use of the site

prior to its order, in respect of the rights of third parties, and in accordance

with applicable law.

The user acknowledges and accepts that access to the Site may be restricted and/or its

use subject to specific conditions.

The services available on the site are reserved for natural persons,

major, excluding any sale to professionals or for the purpose of resale to

some thirds.

Users who order through the site, regardless of their domicile or location

connection, are deemed to buy in France and are therefore subject to French law.


To any person, child, woman or man, aged at least 6.5 years, without

upper age limit. You must meet 5 conditions:

 Be in good physical condition. The registrant attests to his/her good aptitude

physics in adequacy with the practice of the nautical sports.

 Know how to swim, i.e. be able to immerse yourself and then swim at least 25 meters

without regaining footing

 Accept the general conditions of sale as well as the rules of safety and life

in communities defined by the CNCorbières.

 Have read the Club's internal regulations.

 Have completed the registration form with the authorizations for the internship.

Flow of activities

Extreme caution is recommended during sporting activities and

leisure activities sold in order to avoid any incident that could disrupt the progress

normal of the session not only for the client but also for the entire

band. Each trainee must comply with the rules specific to the exercise of a

sport activity in group and in the open air. The Monitor reserves the right to exclude

at any time a person whose behavior can be considered as

endangering the safety or well-being of other participants. None

reimbursement will not be due in this regard.

Minimum age: 6.5 years old

All participants must be able to swim at least 25 meters and be comfortable in the middle of


The trainee certifies that he is in good physical condition and undertakes to prevent

monitor current or recent physical problems that may have a

impact on the smooth running of the course.

For minors, parental consent is required.

 The schedule is established upstream via the registration form, and can be modified by

depending on weather conditions.

The duration of the session is defined according to your choice of activity, depending on the

number of students (decree of 09/02/1998), the time can be reduced or increased for

take into account the installation time.

Are included in the time of the session: reception, dressing and undressing of the

trainee, the preparation and storage of equipment. The session includes the meeting

preparation, practice time and debriefing.

 Rental (see the rental conditions displayed at the reception

 The reservation of an activity by a registration implies the acceptance of the

general conditions of reservation and sale as set out below:


 By Internet: via our website www.portmahonsigean.fr

 By mail: by returning the registration request to us along with your

payment to the following address: CNCorbieres 1089 Port Mahon 11130 SIGEAN

 At the reception of CNCorbieres 1089 Port Mahon 11130 SIGEAN


The price of the course is defined by the tariff document displayed at the reception, on the site

internet or submitted when registering for the course.

The amount of the trainee's license, issued to anyone who receives a

FFVoile teaching service, entitled Sailing Passport, is included in the

service either is extra. It is valid until December 31 of the year

in progress. If you register in another FFVoile school, don’t forget to

indicate that you already have it. In case of cancellation it cannot be


The possible membership in the club is in supplement and is obligatorily linked to the taking

an annual FFVoile License, the prices of which in 2023 are as follows: €30 for those under

18 years old and €60 for adults.


All internship requests must be confirmed by the complete rules or by a

deposit upon registration. Benefits must be paid in full before

the start of the course.

Payment can be made:

 Online, for deposits on the website www.portmahonsigean.fr,

 At the secretariat:

o by credit card on site

o In ANCV holiday vouchers (also ANCV Sport Coupons)

o By bank check

o By bank transfer

o Cash

For any service an invoice will be established

Any online course reservation must be subject to payment of a deposit.

of 50€. In this case, a confirmation email will be sent to you instantly.

after making your reservation.

For rental reservations or online animation a deposit of 10€ is

mandatory, In this case a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you instantly

after making your reservation.


The school license for trainees (Sailing Passport) is compulsory, it is

issued during your first internship and covers the risks during the activities (in

case of cancellation it cannot be refunded).

Additional guarantees: Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

valid, unless otherwise indicated, sent by post to the CNCorbières before the date

beginning of the internship, refusal to subscribe to additional guarantees

insurance offered by the federation. The details of these guarantees are

presented via the following link: www.ffvoile.net

Information on the insurance contracts taken out by the FFVoile for its licensees


 The contract in Civil Liability

: http://www.ffvoile.fr/ffv/web/services/assurance/documents/Contrat_Responsabili


 The Individual Accident contract

: http://www.ffvoile.fr/ffv/web/services/assurance/documents/Contrat_Individuelle


 Summary of all elements relating to FFVoile insurance

: http://www.ffvoile.fr/ffv/web/services/assurances


Any registration for an internship at the CNCorbières entails the acceptance and respect of the

rules of community life: respect for others and equipment, solidarity, mutual aid...

Any breach of these rules that would disrupt the proper functioning or safety

of the internship and interns could have consequences of up to

the exclusion of the author(s) without any refund being claimed.


The CNCorbières declines all responsibility in the event of breakage, loss or theft of equipment

personal (jewellery, watch, glasses, lenses, camera, electronic games...)

during the course (both in navigation and on the premises).

Rental Theft of equipment. In the event of partial or total theft of the equipment, damage or

damage, the customer will be liable to CNCorbières for the amount of the

invoice for the replacement of the equipment if it cannot be repaired, or its invoice for repairing

condition if applicable, according to the expertise of CNCorbières. The deposit of a piece

valid identity and a deposit by Credit Card only are a prerequisite for

the provision of equipment.


The change of internship can be organized under conditions that the request

intervene before the 7 days preceding the start of the course, subject to

availability and a replacement has been found.

Less than 7 days before the start of the internship: no internship will be accepted.

The exceptional tolerance achieved by management does not call into question this



The CNCorbières reserves the right to cancel a course in the event of insufficient

registered trainees. Participants will be informed in advance 3 days before

the start of the internship, without any compensation. They will then be offered another internship.

or another date, or another activity, or ultimately, a refund of

sums paid.

If the management judges that the weather conditions are too unfavorable or

do not sufficiently guarantee the safety conditions, for one or more

sessions, the activity will then be arranged. In case of cancellation of this one, it will then be

offered participants compensation through another activity or, ultimately,

place, a refund of sums paid.

Any internship started is entirely due. At discretion, a credit may be offered

in the event of force majeure leading to the termination of the course. An application form

of cancellation is at your disposal at the reception (possibility of sending by email). THE

reasons that can be taken into account: illness (provide a medical certificate),

the accident (provide a medical certificate), a professional reason (provide a

proof)… of the trainee or his parents for minors.

In all cases, will be retained:

Deadlines Sums retained by the CNC

31 days or more before the start of the course 20 € + sailing passport

From 30 to 10 days before the start of the course 50% of the price of the course + sailing passport

Less than 10 days before the start of the course 100% of the price of the course + passport


 The amount of the sailing passport, (which will remain valid until December 31 of

the current year).

 Administrative fees €20.



In accordance with the provisions of article L.121.20 of the Consumer Code,

in the event of distance selling, the buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 days

from the confirmation of the order by the producer, without having to

justify reasons, nor to pay penalties, with the exception of the return costs which

will remain in his charge.

However, the right of withdrawal does not apply to “leisure […] services

which must be provided on a date or according to a determined periodicity”,

in accordance with the provisions of article L.121-20-4 of the Code of


Consequently, the right of withdrawal within 7 days for

exchange or refund, provided for in article L.121-20-4 of the Code of

Consumption, is not applicable to dated services reserved with

of the producer.


A deposit will be requested for all Rentals for the identified supports. A

table of prices retained in the event of breakage is displayed at the reception

11. IT

In accordance with articles 39 and following of law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978

amended in 2004 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, any

person may obtain communication and, where appropriate, rectification or

deletion of information concerning it, by contacting the secretariat of the



Unless otherwise specified by you (legal representatives for trainees

minors), the photographs or videos taken during the courses may be used

within the framework of the CNCorbières communication or other documents making the

promotion of sailing (catalogue, website, posters, newsletters...) or in a

press support, without any compensation being claimed from the



The CNCorbières may rely as proof of any act, programs,

data, files, records, operations and other items (such as

monitoring reports or other statements) of nature or in computer format or medium

or electronic, established, received or kept directly or indirectly by the

producer or by its technical service providers, for example in any database


As such, the recordings, kept by the computer system of the producer

or its technical service providers, are expressly accepted as proof

communications between the parties, use of the site and payments

between the parties, and are authentic in the event of a dispute.

Archiving of orders and invoices is carried out on a reliable and

durable so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy in accordance with

article 1348 of the civil code.


This contract is governed by French law, to the exclusion of any other law or

agreement, regardless of the place of use of the site or performance of the services.

This is the case for the rules of substance as well as for the rules of form.


In the event of a dispute, and if no amicable settlement is reached, the CNCorbières and

the user will rely on the competent courts of the place of the registered office of the

Producer, to whom they expressly attribute jurisdiction, including in

case of multiple parties, appeal in cause or warranty, incidental claim,

even for summary proceedings or on request.



President: Mrs. Mylène GAUD

Head of Port Mahon Nautical Base: Mr Jean Luc FAYOS


Legal form: ASSOCIATION LAW 1901

Address: CNCorbieres 1089 Port Mahon 11130 SIGEAN

Tel: 0960181370 - 0606667842

SIRET: 33775758700023

Email: portmahonsigean@orange.fr


March to June and September to October Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm - July and August Monday to Saturday 9am to 6.30pm - Sunday 10am to 6.30pm


Fire department: 18


SAMU: 15


Police: 17


Medical office ...